About Daisy McCarty
Hello, everyone! I'm Daisy McCarty, a lifelong self-directed learner, the world's best listener, and a branding virtuoso. I bring a decade of experience to the table as a B2B brand and copy expert, and I love working with highly creative clients who need to focus and get their marketing message on target.

As a brand message consultant, I help B2B companies gain exceptional clarity and fill their pipeline with ideal customers. My brand message development process helps clients reduce the time to fill their sales pipeline by up to 80%, increase revenue per client engagement by up to 5x, and improve the ROI on their marketing and sales efforts within 30 days.

My clients are visionary solopreneurs and small to mid-sized B2B business owners with a superior product or service who are poised to experience exponential growth and grab market share from their competitors. Does that sound like you?